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Excellence Since 1949.

Our Capabilities


Mold Engineering

Our technical expertise far exceeds that of the typical injection molding manufacturer. The applications we serve are typically critical in nature, requiring the most demanding specifications and tolerances. We employ state-of-the-art technology and leading talent to deliver on our customers’ challenging requirements.


An industry pioneer since 1949, Thermotech has long developed innovative processes to meet the demands of an ever-advancing market. Our core manufacturing competencies include thermoplastic molding, thermoset molding, insert molding, two-shot molding, precision gearing, bobbins/coil forms., transfer tooling and assemblies.


At Thermotech, we employ the latest molding technologies to insure your product’s consistency and quality. We practice Scientific Decoupled Molding, which focuses on the behavior of the material, not process set points. By controlling melt viscosity, cavity pressure and melt temperature, we ensure consistent mold filling and packing.

Value Add

As a technology leader, Thermotech is always in search of new or improved methods of meeting our customers ever-changing needs and ongoing cost pressures. Through the development of new technologies and processes, Thermotech continues to position itself on the leading edge of the industry.

Our Customers

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