Accessibility Commitment Statement

It is policy of Plasman Group LLC. that all locations are committed to providing equal opportunity to examine, use and access to our products / facility services for each customer or potential customer. Plasman Group will provide services, as necessary, both electronically and in person, in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.

Our Value Statement is the cornerstone of our culture. Plasman Group shares a commitment to accessibility. We respect the differences of individuals and expect fair treatment for all persons regardless of reason.

Diversity: as part of our commitment to excellence, we seek to recognize and remove the obstacles faced by traditionally under-represented groups in order to facilitate their access to and their advancement at Plasman Group. We respect and celebrate the diversity of people who make up our community.

AODA – Customer Service Policy Link (Click Here for the Full Version of the Policy)

AODA – Integrated Accessibility Policy (Click Here for the Full Version of the Policy)

AODA – Accessibility Plan (Click Here for the Full Version of the Policy)

AODA – Integrated Accessibility Training (Click Here to access presentation)

Feedback Process

Plasman Group welcomes feedback, including about the delivery of company services to persons with disabilities. Users can submit their feedback by clicking below on the Feedback Form Link and emailing completed form to or in person to the Facility Human Resources Manager, at Plasman Group Plant locations (refer to contact information section below) and/or Corporate offices. Alternatively, feedback can be submitted to any Plasman Group employee and/or representative, and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

AODA – Feedback Form (Click Here for the Word Document Form Link)

Human Resource Services Manager
Plasman Group LLC
5245 Burke Drive
Windsor, ON n9A 6J3
P – 519 737-6984 Extension #1254

Questions about this policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework through which Plasman Group can achieve service excellence for people with disabilities. If anyone has questions about this policy, please contact:

Facility Human Resource Manager Contact Information:

Plasman Group
5245 Burke Drive
Windsor, ON N9A 6J3
P- 519-737-6984 Extension #1254